T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the first.

T-TRAK is an N scale table top modular system for model railways. To avoid a lot of explanation here I recommend that you visit the following web-sites to gather the basic information about T-TRAK.




There are also 2 Yahoo! forums where T-TRAK is discussed and questions can be asked:

Australian T-TRAK

International general T-TRAK

These modules are built to the Australian T-TRAK guidelines which are basically a metric dimension version of  the U.S./international standards . The standard T-TRAK module has two mainline tracks, these modules have only one mainline track and it is located in the `inner main’ position of the 33mm track separation  T-TRAK standard. The modules are also only 210mm deep from front to back, which is the smaller dimension of the two options given in the Australian guidelines and U.S. standards.


Overall view of the two single track station modules. Model wagons are placed on each of the three sidings. The tracks at each end of the joined modules that are without wagons on them are the mainlines that join on to other modules.


While there is no particular prototype for the small station I am modelling  I plan to include in it some of the typical structures that would be seen in a rural station in the state of Victoria in the southern part of mainland Australia. The time frame is roughly the 1960’s when the state railway system was government owned and run and known as “Victorian Railways”. This will allow for the use of shorter 4 wheel wagons and the existence of  a rural branchline with a some degree of  regular service.  The goods shed (with the small brown wagon) is made following drawings of a standard 30ft long Victorian Railways  goods shed. The tank wagon sits on a siding that will serve a fuel agent. The actual tanks etc will not be modelled but the un-loading pipes and valves will be. The tanks are imagined to be somewhere distance away from the tracks, which was not unusual.


The goods shed end module.


The image below is of what I have called the ‘Platform End’ module because eventually it will have a short passenger platform placed next to the mainline. A standard `portable’ station building will be placed on the platform to suggest a small  branchline community with little, if any, surviving passenger service. The siding at the rear with two yellow GY class open wagons will either host: a small  wharehouse for a rural supplies company, a super phosphate shed, or a briquette siding for a local butter factory that could be built on another module. This will depend upon the region of Victoria I finally decide to place the station in. Eg general agricultural area or dairy region.


The platform end module.


Eventually I will build a completed oval of single track modules.

More to follow in the next week or so!


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