T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the second.

I managed to get some more work  done. I re-worked the ground cover scenery on the goods shed area with some real crushed granite collected from the side of a rural road and sifted down.

Buffer stops that were made from rounded match sticks were put in, and one definitely needs some re-working. The other two are a bit out of line with the rails but they will stay that way. I plan to work on some jigs for making and fitting Victorian Railway style buffer stops, but that may a couple of months away. Fitting them BEFORE ballasting is also a better way to go, the drill tended to wander a bit over the glued down ballast.

The siding at the station platform end has had a building temporarily placed there. It is a small warehouse type shed I had built from plans in a Model Railroader magazine from many years ago. It looks the part but it is not exactly what I am looking for. Some research on the Camperdown to Timboon branch line in western Victoria has shown that one intermediate station (Cobden) had  a super-phosphate shed on a dead end siding. It also had a fair bit of refrigerated T-van traffic to the goods yard serving an off-line butter factory. As I have 4 T-vans already built 30 years ago this is making a nice little setting. The station will not be a copy of Cobden, but it will be an inspiration to draw upon.

The gum tree is a temporary placement, it may stay,


An overall view of the modules. It looks longer than 620mm!!!


or be moved only a little way.

The next jobs are: paint the buffer stops, fit the linkages between the slide switches and the points on the station platform module, and build up the scenery around the fuel siding point. I also need to chase up dimensions for a super-phosphate shed.


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