T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Sixth – Wiring Diagram.

Before working on the wiring for the platform module I thought it best to have a well drawn diagram of the existing wiring on the goods shed module plus what I plan for the platform module.

From my experience with working with T-TRAK modules the first consideration of wiring a T-TRAK module with points is that there is a continuous path through the module for each of the mainline rails. This is necessary as normally only one module in a T-TRAK layout is needed to be wired up for electrical input; the Unitrack® UniJoiners® do the rest.   If you are using non-isolating points this is not a problem and the existing track arrangement should carry the current through the module to the next ones. With isolating points like Peco there is a different situation. Even setting the point to the siding track on a module with a single stub ended siding causes a break in the main line on one rail. You can overcome that easily by wiring a by-pass from one end of the module to the other. If you follow the BLUE and YELLOW  wires on the diagram below, along with the unbroken rail lines to which they are attached, you will see that current coming in along the mainline from one end of the pair of modules has an uninterrupted path through to the mainline at the other end, no matter which way the points are set. My choice of each particular path  was governed by the requirement that each point would still function as an effective isolator.The double pole double throw slide switches serve a dual purpose. First they allow a firm mechanical action on the points that is actuated away from the track and is not dependent upon the Peco point spring. Second they act as a back up to the point blade contact system that Peco points use as part of their electrical isolation system. That way dirt, paint etc building up on the point blades does not hinder current flow through the points in the direction to which they are set.


To comply with the standard wiring reference colours for T-TRAK the blue wires represent the `Blue to Outer' wiring/rail and the yellow wires represent the `White to Inner' wiring/rail (yellow is used for this wiring as white would not show up on the graphic).



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