T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Seventh – Actual Wiring.

The Australian T_TRAK  (and original standard T-TRAK) double track T-TRAK wiring colours are white for the inner rails and blue for the outer rails of the paired mainlines. On the single track mainline used for these modules the mainline is the equivalent of the `inner’ or `back’ main line of the standard double track T-TRAK module. Therefore the `back’ rail is officially blue and the `front’ rail is officially white. I have updated the ‘Wiring Diagram’ posting to fit in with this nomenclature/description.

The underside of the Goods Shed module. Here I used blue wire for the `outer rail' wiring and yellow for the `inner rail' wiring. This was the only suitable wire I had available at the time. You can also see the RCA sockets I fitted to both the front and back of this module for power input to the modules.

The underside view of the platform end module. Here I used wires of different colours for each appropriate switch.

The actual wiring process was pretty straight forward. I use a 40 Watt soldering iron that usually get the job done quickly. There are web-site around that can take you through soldering process a lot better (both in explanation and technique) than I can. To make soldering easier I use a flux applied with a small cheap (ie almost disposable) paint brush. The flux I chose IS NOT CORROSIVE  AND DOES NOT NEED RINSING OFF, it is “Broad gauge Models” low melt solder flux. Again, check with the more expert web-site for more information on this.

Access to the terminals of the slide switches can be a bit cramped inside the module. After my experience I recommend that you attach small lengths of wire to each terminal BEFORE fitting the switch in place.


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