T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Eigth – Corner Module Woodwork – Part 1.

With the wiring over and done with on the station modules my fingers got itchy on building a corner module so that I can run locos and wagons a bit further than just the very limited  station confines. For this set of modules I am using some materials that deviate from the normal 6mm/9mm plywood or MDF. Australia has a company named Porta Mouldings that manufactures various sizes and profiles of timbers, mainly for decorative trim on furniture and inside houses. After browsing their range in a large hardware store I came across their lengths of DAR(dressed all round) 67X11mm pine in 1.8m and 2.4m lengths, which is made up of shorter lengths `finger jointed’ together  . I also had access to a large amount of 3mm thick plywood. It quickly came to mind that as 67+3=70, placing the 3mm plywood on top of a frame made of the 67X11m pine I would have the correct 70mm height of a T-TRAK module. The Porta Moulding is a tad expensive but that fact that it could be cut easily with my Drop-Saw, or even a hand saw and mitre-box, and that 3mm ply can be cut with a larger sized good quality  craft knife meant that it would be an option for people with limited wood work equipment etc. Worth a try!

T-TRAK corner modules are 365mm on a side and so I cut four pieces of 67X11mm to a length of 354mm. They were assembled so that the 354mm length of each piece was added to by the 11mm thickness of the next piece joining it at 90 degrees. I have a good store of 50mm square wood blocks for  corner blocks and these were glued on to each side section before assembly. Fast drying MDF glue was used, the same stuff that I built the station building kit with. The following photos should explain.

All the wood pieces set up for gluing.

Gluing on the corner blocks.

Gluing the first corner.

Gluing the second corner.

Gluing the third and fourth corners.

John Rumming of Perth, Western Australia, has an excellent article on assembling T-TRAK modules, it is at:


look for: “A PDF on how to do a T-TRAK module ”

The next post will cover fitting the module top, painting, and placing some track.



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2 responses to “T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Eigth – Corner Module Woodwork – Part 1.

  1. Martin Watts

    Hi Andrew,

    Are you missing 9 mm from each side or is my maths wrong?

    Kindest Regards

    Martin Watts

  2. ttrakandrew

    G’day Martin, Thanks for pointing out my TYPO, I have corrected the 345 to 354mm. Cheers, Andrew G.

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