T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Tenth – Putting All 3 modules together.

I managed to get all 3 modules together for a short stint with the camera. The loco and wagon are posed in scenes that I think will be very much the usual operating setting. The corner module needed a bit of height adjustment which I didn’t notice until the end of the photo shoot. Sharp eyes will notice it under the wheels of the guard’s van in the last photo. The next blog will hopefully show some ways to adjust the height of modules.

The station module has had a fair bit of `snow’ fall with the foamcore additions. These build up the ground height around the station tracks as in the prototype the track is frequently at, or near to, ground level. “It is easier to raise the ground than to lower the track.

Overall view of all 3 modules set up. The `down' local goods is entering with an F class shunter (yet to be repainted) very far from it's urban home.

A closer look shows the following wagons in the train. A `GY' open wagon, a 'J' cement wagon, two 'T' refrigerated wagons, another GY, and a `Z' guard's van on the tail.

After splitting the train, the loco has picked up the `B' van from the goods shed and placed into onto the train. It is now placing one of the T vans in the goods yard to be loaded with cheese and butter from the local cheese and butter factory. The other T van is bound for the station at the end of the branch.

This GY is being placed where the superphosphate depot will be.

With the train re-assembled the trusty little F class heads down the branch to the future `end of the line' station.

Having the modules set up like this is a real encouragement to getting back to working on them. Church and family and the Christmas/end of year activities have held me back quite a bit and I found myself hitting mental blocks when it came to starting up scenery work on individual modules.



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2 responses to “T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Tenth – Putting All 3 modules together.

  1. Josh caudill

    Can you send me some information on the one trak trak I I’m building trek modules I’m in a club call the ksons just n scale ntrak and trak so looking for more thing we do thanks send me so suffe talk with you later Josh caudill

  2. ttrakandrew

    G’day Josh, Single track T-TRAK is at the moment an experiment. Simply put, it is making T-TRAK modules and laying track on only one of the two main-line track positions. After I finish this trial set of modules there will be an initial discussion of the options and recommendations amongst the Australian T-TRAK State Representatives and then on the Australian_T-TRAK and also the U.S. based T-TRAK Yahoo! forums. It might be best for you to converse with me via either the Australian_T-TRAK forum or the U.S. T-TRAK forum with specific questions.

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