T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the Twelfth – Starting on the station platform.

The platform module has been crying out for attention in the platform department. During a recent trip interstate I was able to get to a hobby shop that stocked PECO `concrete’ platform edging. With a bit of painting this should give a good approximation to one of the forms of Victorian Railways platform edging. I could have bought the excellent laser cut kit by Spirit Design ( http://www.spiritdesign.com.au/Platform.htm ) but the fact that the platform edging will be facing away from the normal viewing side of the module worked against the extra expenditure  for accuracy compared to the cost of the  PECO product. No doubt I will be buying other items from Spirit Design before this project is through.

Next I cut some 1mm thick styrene sheet to the length of the platform that I wanted and made it as wide as I could, cutting in allowances for the point operating slide switches. I expect to trim the width of the styrene back as I work out the ground formation and clearance for my fingers when sliding the point operating switches.

The PECO platform edging gives the correct platform height when placed against PECO track provided that the bases of both the track and the platform edging are on the same level. That meant removing the foam core I had glued down and running some strips of the 3mm cork that I use for track underlay along where the platform edging would go.

I glued two of the Peco platform edging pieces together and cut three pieces from the newly formed piece: a long section for the platform front, and two shorter pieces to form the sides. The styrene sheet had a bit of trimming in it’s length to match up with the long platform edging with its need to end with an upright support at each end.

The short pieces for the ends required upright supports at one end and so the platform edging was cut as sho9wn below. The non-upright end of the side sections will be buried in `earth’.  Look at this web-page to see the effect I am after:  http://www.westonlangford.com/images/photo/113022/

Normally the styrene sheet would be attached to the platform edging on top of the `lip’ on the inner side of the platform edging. As I am planning to have a `soil’ surface for the platform I attached the styrene to the underside of the lip to allow space for the coloured grout I am planning to use for soil.

In the picture below you can see the joining tab on the inner side of the join between the two sections of platform edging. I had to cut a notch in the styrene sheet to allow for this:

All the bits fitted and glued together after a bit of filing of the platform edging ends at the corner joins:

Take note of  the two notches I had to cut into the base of the platform edging to allow for the wire-in-tube point control.


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