Australian buildings – Modelling the Colorbond colours.

Modelling Australian buildings can at time lead us into interesting internet adventures. I  was in the process of kit-bashing and painting a POLA N scale kit into a free lance transfer shed for a freight forwarding company. To enhance the Australian atmosphere I thought I would paint the roofing and metal areas in a Colorbond green shade. The Colorbond coated metal sheeting is the modern replacement for CGI (corrugated galvanized iron – beloved of Australian industrial builders since who knows when – ). Tamiya bottled acrylic paints are available at our local toy shop and so I searched the internet for suggestions of what Tamiya colours would be close matches. Via a Star Wars fan site (how to build your own Boba Fett bounty-hunter costume – I was informed that Tamiya Field Grey was a good contender. My own explorations of the Tamiya racks at the toy shop resulted in XF-65 Field Grey and XF-71 Cockpit Green (IJN).

The following photo shows the results:

Tamiya Colorbond colour matching.

The XF-71 nearly disappeared into the Rivergum background and this became my choice for the building. From my reading and experience, the smaller the scale, the greater should be the tendency towards choosing lighter shades over darker, especially if a lot of detail is involved. The XF-65 would be contender for a larger, plainer building, especially if it was based on a prototype that had the darker Colorbond green.

On this website/forum/blog:

Tamiya Sky XF-21 was used over a base coat of  Tamiya neutral grey XF-53 to give a reasonable result. Being U.S.A. the stock prototype colour may be a bit different to our Australian range.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment!

If you’ve finished, can we go for a walk????


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