The truck side of our buildings.

G’day All,

I have been doing some internet research in regards to the truck side of rail served buildings. I thought it might be useful to others if I shared some of my discoveries.

1)       When it comes to loading bays/docks the bottom of door should be 1200mm above the road top, but variations between 1100mm and 1300mm appear to be acceptable.

2)      Make sure you leave a fair bit of space for the truck to back in and drive out. A useful U.S. web site is: which  suggests a clear apron of 130ft (247mm in N scale) in front of the bay for semi-trailers. This might be a challenge for our layouts but it suggests that we might be `selectively compressing’ a bit too much. To which I am willing to plead guilty more than once.

3)      Other useful information on car parking spaces, driveways etc can be found at: Section 4.7 is the most useful section for trucks and buildings. No doubt there might be other `jewels’ lurking in that document.

While we might not be able to model  these dimensions precisely, we may be able to up the level of realism on our layouts by trying to get as close as we can.

Two photo’s with text showing how I am applying this information.


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