Unloading Ramp for use by Forklifts


Back in 1983 in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong I photographed a set of metal sided sheds and a portable wagon unloading ramp where forklifts were used to unload palletised bagged cement from railway wagons for transfer to road trucks and/or the storage shed(s). A few days ago I had the opportunity to go through my highly disorganized slide collection and finally located the photos. They are beginning the inevitable degrading of age, and with my `economy’ slide scanner, I have some passable scans. The first is shown above.

Another view of the ramp is at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60901191@N08/6000939201/in/photostream/

As I learn more about Google SketchUp I am getting better at making plans from photographs. As I get my brain back into `can do’ mode I am getting better and converting plans in to objects. The results are as follows:




Some of the horizontal railings are in need of re-alignment and there is only the first coat of paint on the model, but I am happy with the overall result as this my first completely scratchbuilt item in a long time.



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3 responses to “Unloading Ramp for use by Forklifts

  1. Steve O'Meara

    Love the unloading ramp Andrew, a small detail that gives a nice touch.

  2. Andrew
    Do you have a shareable PDF or something similar of the unloading ramp. Looking at this as the basis for a module (HO and or 0 scale) for a design.

    All the best
    Andrew Martin

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