T-TRAK Modules – The single mainline track modules, part the 13th – more work on the station platform.

Well after quite a few months I am back at the keyboard and updating on the VR Branch single track T-TRAK modules.  The last installment (Part the 12th) showed the platform walls being put in place along with a styrene sheet top for the platform. This sheet is recessed below the platform edge so that scenic material could be spread over the top. As I thought through the overall shape of the land around the platform and spent a few hours researching photos of smaller rural stations I ended up trimming the styrene sheet back quite a bit to allow a good amount of sloping ground on the road side of the platform while keeping enough of it to place the station building on a level surface. I have a small supply of blue EXTRUDED polystyrene insulation foam and made use of it for the basic land forms. It is wonderful stuff to work with for this type of job.

Station platform with blue foam earthworksIn the following 2 photos you can see how I am making room for a small gangers’ shed.

Station platform with blue foam earthworks 02You can also see in the above and below photos that I am experimenting with alternative scenic material for soil. This is bought about by the decision to model the Otways area of Victoria where the soil is very much more brown than what I was first contemplating. This will mean a reworking of the other station module’s scenery.

Station platform with blue foam earthworks 03In real-time reality I am a bit further on scenically than these photos depict and hopefully I will update you with more photos in a week or two.


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