Some more wagons for Sadler’s Sidings

G’day Folks, I’ve been working on rollingstock lately.

First off I’ve rebuilt one of my old Fybren Models ELX open wagon kits. I shortened it to fit under an Aust-N-Rails ELX resin tarpaulin. I then fitted shunter’s steps made out of folded brass ladders and small rectangles of styrene. Then followed them up with some folded staples for other bits and a styrene rectangle for the logo. Paint was Humbrol 113(?) carefully brushed on and then followed by two light coats of hardware/discount store spray paint. Decals are a mixture of G&R and Bills Billboards. The VLX is also a rebuilt Fybren kit fitted with a Spirit Design underframe with details etc much the same as the ELX except only spray paint used for VR oxide red. White paint is Tamiya acrylic white carefully brushed on. Others have done far better than I with these models, but I am satisfied with them as `shunting fodder’.

VOCX & VLX - 1200pxl

The green van is an N-TRAINS NSWGR HLX that in my theoretical world has been bought by Sadler’s as a private owner in captive service on the broad gauge. Tamyia spray can paint for this beastie. Will work on decalling and details sometime as I want it to resemble the prototype Sadleirs vans, but not be an exact copy.

 Sadlers Van & VLX - 1200pxl


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