Sadler’ Sidings – 05 – Some merchandise on Shed A platform.

G’day Folks, An update on Sadler’s Sidings.

First an extra building next to ‘Shed A’ cobbled together out of old POLA kit parts. It will become either a workshop for Sadler’s or a separate business leasing the building.

SAdlers Shed A 15-05-15-1 1200W

SAdlers Shed A 15-05-15-3 1200W

Second, some pallets with merchandise are now on Shed A’s platform, I will follow up exact details later on my Pallets post in N Gauge Forum:
Please note that I am not overloading the platform. In real life a well functioning and efficient  warehouse operation would keep lots of items on the move or stored away in its proper place. Otherwise not only is there confusion and delay, it is very dangerous and limiting to workmen and forklifts etc.

SAdlers Shed A 15-05-15-2 1200W


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