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Some more fencing…

I got some more fencing in place, and later realized that some posts are a bit crooked, have to think about that…

Plus a video on threading the fence posts …




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Curdies Gully – Fencing using Spirit Design fence posts

I got some 1:160 scale fencing done today. N Scale manufacturer SPIRIT DESIGN makes laser cut farm fence posts with four holes in each post for thin wire:
Here are 4 photo’s of my efforts on my a single track T-TRAK corner module.
I sourced the thin wire from `rainbow cable’…/I…/Rainbow-Cable-16-Core/p/WM4516
The `strainer posts at the ends of the fence line are cut down tooth picks. I still need to tidy up the wire at these ends.
I also need to add `dropper posts’ which are used to keep the wires spaced and stop livestock pushing through them.







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Curdies Gully – More Static Grassing – on a corner module


G’day All, some photos of some more static grass work I did a couple of days ago. The longer dried off grass will be separated from the shorter green stuff by a fence. This represents the short cropped grazed grass of paddock verses the untouched wild stuff that grows beside the railway line.WP_20151113_014WP_20151113_008WP_20151113_012

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Curdies Gully – the full version of the layout video

Now I’m over the initial excitement – hadn’t had operations on the layout for months!! – here is the full version of the layout video:

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