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Sadler’s Sidings – 06 – The renovations of Smaug

After a while of shunting wagons on Sadler’s Sidings and reviewing what `flavour’ I wanted I’ve decided to make a few changes to the industries and/or their locations.


  • Keeps Shed A and gets a new Shed B.
  • Loses the small timber shed as it ended up being a bit of pain operationally even though it made a good scenic feature. I’ll need to work out what to fill the space with. Move in the yellow brick workshop at present located next to Shed A?
  • Shed D becomes Shed C or perhaps a whole new specialized transshipment operation – Eg. paper products coming from interstate (South Australia).

Sadler's Sidings - Renovation plan overview with text



Drawing upon my research of the old Fitzroy Goods Yard, see:
I’ve decided on adapting  some prototype industries that suit the smaller area, even if they are still compressed a bit.

That’s the current cogitations, things may change, but hopefully not a lot.


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December 15, 2015 · 5:57 am